Keswick Vineyards

After six years of searching the country, Al and Cindy Schornberg finally settled on the Edgewood Estate in Keswick, Virginia as their new residence. “Since we didn’t move because of a job relocation, the entire country was open to us,” says Cindy. In moving from Holly, Michigan, the Schornbergs sought a desirable place to raise their children and a milder climate, particularly one that was well suited to grape growing.

When Al Schornberg moved to Virginia, he left behind the hi-tech corporate world he created in Michigan and traded it for the lifestyle he had dreamed of since childhood – as a vineyard owner. Having been an entrepreneur most of his adult life, Al was looking for an area that offered the excitement of a burgeoning wine industry. He found that potential in Virginia. Al recalls his grandfather’s stories of working at his family’s winery, Massena Cellars in France, and like his predecessor, his goal was straightforward: “ I just wanted to be able to enjoy a really good wine that I made. There’s something very natural and satisfying about that.”

With the Southwest Mountains as a backdrop, the vineyards at Edgewood Estate create a truly picturesque landscape. In the evenings, Al, Cindy and their two youngest children can be found enjoying a nightly stroll through the vineyards of their 400-acre estate. They can also be spotted on the second story porch of their old manor home watching the sun set over the rows of vines. Al and Cindy’s oldest daughters also enjoy this wine country lifestyle and reside nearby.

Upon purchasing the estate vineyard, the Schornbergs decided to dedicate themselves to producing the best wines in Virginia. The Schornbergs spared no expense in installing top-quality winery equipment, irrigation and root wells. Al and Cindy’s ultimate goal is that within ten years, Keswick Vineyards will be considered one of the finest wineries in the country. Al still holds on to the vision that he has made a reality: the image of himself sitting under an olive tree and sipping his own wine. Just as Jefferson once did at nearby Monticello and as did Al’s grandfather in France, Al is making wine and living his dream.