Guy Allion

AOC Touraine
Along the river Cher; a Village in the Garden of France : THÉSÉE LA ROMAINE

In the heart of the Touraine vineyards, Thésée extends to the edge of the “ Cher ”.   Vestiges of 2nd century recall the antique Roman Gallic villa of Tasciaca, Thésée’s former name.  Thésée la Romaine is surrounded by the most prestigious Châteaux de la Loire for several kilometers : Chenonceau, Amboise, Chaumont, Blois and Chambord are some examples.  The suitable climate enables the production of wines of an exceptional richness, the culture of the grapes stands on the slopes of the “ Cher ” Valley.

At the Haut Perron, they have been winegrowers for generations.  The domaine is 57 acres in the Appellation Touraine Controllée.  It extends on the wonderfully exposed slopes of Cher’s right bank.  The vines are in clay-limestone ground, not very deep clay – siliceous grounds with the presence of flint that is call “Perruches” in the area.  The ground is primarily calcareous.  These terroirs correspond to top slopes exposures and allow for good drainage of the soil.

Production:  Harvesting, Wine Making And Maturing

During the harvesting, an attentive follow-up is given to each grape variety in order to collect grapes with optimal maturity.  The crop is quickly conveyed and selected in the Caves du Haut Perron so that no risk of oxidation occurs.  The Sauvignon is indeed very sensitive to it.  The white grapes are slowly pressed to extract the thinner grape juices.  The red grapes are often destemmed before putting into tanks.

Fermentation under controlled temperatures preserves the best flavours of the grapes.  The maturing on lees for some months softens the wines.  Then they are racked and filtered according to their evolution and their character.

At last, the wine is bottled.