Domaine Roland Tissier & Fils

The Loire Valley is the spiritual home of Sauvignon Blanc, and its most noble expression.

Roland Tissier and his two sons produce Sancerre that showcase the classically clean, delicious flavors and the flinty acidity that defines the region’s wines. Stainless-steel production of different cuvées are artfully blended to bring the true characteristics of the terroir and classic winemaking together.

The vineyards of Sancerre cover about 2700 hectares (approximately 6,669 acres) planted mainly
with 75% Sauvignon and 25% Pinot.

White Sancerre has benefited from the A. O.C. in 1936 and 1959 for red and rosé Sancerre.

With three generations of winemakers, the family grows an area of 11 hectares (approximately 27.17 acres) planted with 80% Sauvignon and 20% Pinot Noir.

The production is comprised primarily of white Sancerre but also a little red and rosé Sancerre. To broaden the product, they also sell two vintages aged in oak barrels.  One of which is the St Benoit cuvee.  They are produced in very low volumes and the best years only.

The vines are planted on the 3 fields of different soils:

“The Caillottes”
Ground white limestone and compact giving wines with floral aromas and fruity young people express themselves.

“The Cherries”
Mixture of white limestone and fine earth giving fine wines, fruity and round

“The Flint”
Located east of the vineyard, these soils are on hills facing the Loire.
It is a mixture of flint, clay, and siliceous conglomerates. Soil giving a more lively wine (known flavor of “flint”) mineral, fruity and opens later than other wines.