Domaine de Bel Air Chinon

AOC Chinon Since 1997, Jean-Louis Loup has been running the Domaine de Bel Air, perpetuating a family tradition that has endured for the last three generations. The vineyard extends over 13 acres of beautifully exposed land in the town of Cravant les Coteaux, within the Chinon appellation. The vineyard is 13 hectares (approximately 32 acres) – including AOC: 13 ha with an average yield of (hl) 40 (4,000 liters).  The vines are exposed to two different soils.  The low land soil is gravelly, while the hillside comprises limestone and clay soils. The winemaker, Jean Louis Loup, is the third generation of winemakers passionately in love with their land.  Respect for the land, careful selection of old vines, maceration and traditional wine-making are his basic rules.  In all, seven hectares of plains and hills among six of the best, each wine could be labeled “pure plot”.  Production is tightly monitored and well-controlled to produce a remarkable array of Chinon. These wines are noble and distinguished, worthy of the finest restaurants. Wines are fermented in concrete, not stainless steel.