Domaine de Belle Mare

Set off on a discovery of the wines of the Belle Mare estate: here you will taste local wines with delicious flavours and Coteaux du Languedoc AOC wines with a generous bouquet, including our marvellous Picpoul de Pinet with the marine accents of Lake Thau.


It is the story of love at first sight, that of a man with a wild, authentic region. It was here he discovered a vineyard on the banks of Lake Thau and decided to invest his expertise as a builder and his passion for wine in the creation of the Belle Mare Estate. But it is also the story of an encounter with Fabienne Capello, to whom he entrusted the future of the Estate.


Fabienne Capello’s Latin roots and Southern generosity are quite naturally reflected in the personality of her wines. An agriculturalist and oenologist besides, for over 10 years she practised quality standards enforcement for major trading firms. In this capacity, she carried out the different professions within the sector, experience that today allows her to fully oversee the development of the estate and thus take up the challenge that was thrown down to her: establishing the pedigree of the Belle Mare Estate.

Lake Thau

Lake Thau is the largest and deepest of the Languedoc lakes. Of an intense blue, this "inland sea" extends over 20 km from Balaruc to Marseillan, passing through Mèze and Sète. A key site for the cultivation of oysters and mussels, the lake is criss-crossed bye these "tables" where the shellfish develop. The Belle Mare Estate benefits from the Mediterranean seaside climate. The wines reflect the personality of the region with the colors of the South. Philosophy: The Thau basin is a protected site that could only but correspond to the philosophy of Fabienne and her team: wine growing is carried out with a respect for the environment and biodiversity. "Living in tune with the vine to obtain the very best as naturally as possible."


The Belle Mare Estate stretches over 68 hectares around Thau Lake. 45 hectares are planted with vines according to a planting scheme that is typical of the Languedoc region: the famous Piquepoul, Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah. More international vine varieties such as Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon have been introduced along with other more original grape varieties such as Roussanne, Muscat petits grains and Viognier.

Grape gathering

From mid-August onwards, the grapes are gathered on a regular basis in each plot in order to analyse the maturity of the fruit, thus allowing us to set in motion the harvesting of each grape variety at its peak. The North Wind, which a relatively frequent visitor to our region, allows the grapes to ripen and contributes to their excellent state of health, which is essential in obtaining wines of quality.

The wine-making process

Investment over the past few years has made it possible to today have a cellar at the cutting edge of technology in order to control all of the steps in the wine-making process under optimal conditions: pneumatic wine press, thermoregulated stainless steel vats and deep refrigeration equipment.


As winter arrives, once the wine-making processes have come to an end, the wines are stabilised in order to ensure better preservation of the products in the cellar. All of our wines are tasted and some of them are then blended in order to find “the ideal recipe” for creating our ranges.The aim is to showcase the personality of our wines while offering our consumers and clients products that best meet their expectations and also those of the various markets.


The entire packaging process is handled internally by the Belle Mare estate: an air-conditioned wine storehouse making it possible to store wines and prepare them for bottling, a bottling line and a storage capacity with excellent temperature and hygrometric conditions (2,500 hectolitres and 100,000 bottles). This autonomy enables us to react extremely quickly in providing solutions.

The Wines

Domaine de Belle Mare wines are aromatic and very flavoursome. Whether drunk young or kept for 3 to 5 years in the case of some, or even longer for our great vintages such as Rivage, the aromatic white wines reveal the individual character of each grape variety: a real awakening of the senses.