Villa Bagnolo

Along the road to Villa Bagnolo traces of settlements have been found dating to the third century BC; the first written references to the property appeared as early as 1371. Caretakers of this  far away past have conserved until today a small church with a bell tower dedicated to  S.Tommaso and an imposing celtic cross that date back to the year 1000AD. Villa Bagnolo rises on the charming hills of the Appennino Tosco-Romagnolo at an altitude of 300 meters s.l.m., in a privileged position that enjoys a panorama of 360°, nestled between the Appenine  Mountains and the sea. The land, ideal for viticulture, is composed of clay, lime and sand. The mountain and sea breezes keep the carefully selected vines of Sangiovese dry, healthy and resistant, guaranteeing the production of the highest quality wine.