The Fornasier family have been growing grapes since the year 1800 since agriculture was one of the few resources available at the time. After returning from World War One, it was the grandfather Giuseppe who started wine production who together with his sons marketed the produce from 1918 to 1950.
The vines were generally cultivated in the hills whilst grass was grown in the plains to feed the cattle and mulberry for feeding the silkworms for the local textile industry.
The first born of the sons, born 1915, started up in the textile industry which until today is run by his three sons without losing his passion and culture for wine as was the family tradition.

The choice to have the Food-Chain Traceability certification started from the wish to create a niche product, with the selection of the best production areas and the complete integration into the project of the new generation of vine growers and enotechnicians. This project is designed to protect the environment and the health of the consumer. This new initiative for the production of Prosecco is called “Riccardo” in memory of the father.