Louis Max

In 1859, Maison Louis Max was founded in Nuits-Saint-Georges, in the heart of the Côtes de Nuits region of Burgundy.  Today, four generations later, Louis Max is still a family business.  It produces some of the finest Burgundy appellations, from the vineyards of Chablis to those of Mâcon, taking in on the way the Côtes de Nuits, Côtes de Beaune and Côte Chalonnaise. 

Philippe Bardet, who became president of Maison Louis Max in 2007, is a Burgundian born and bred.  He has a passion for the well-known Burgundy terroirs.  Not only is he a remarkable connoisseur of both the prestigious Côtes de Nuits wines and the best Mâconnais and Beaujolais terroirs, but he is also a great proponent of the Pinot Noir cépage.  Philippe Bardet wants to be a global ambassador for Louis Max.  Our fundamental principle is our quality, and we are justly recognized by the best restaurants and the most famous wine connoisseurs throughout the world!

The Vineyards

Maison Louis Max owns a vineyard of over 130 hectares, divided as follows:

Le Clos La Marche (Mercurey Rouge)
A magnificent plot of vines situated at the entrance of the village of Mercurey.  These wines are robust, full-bodied and well structured.

Les Rochelles (Mercurey Blanc)
This is a wide, hill-side vine facing due east.  The dominant clay-chalk subsoil produces rich wines on par with the well-know Côtes de Beaune appellations.

Mercurey 1er Cru Les Vasées 
Produced from Vieilles Vignes half-way up the hillside, these wines are part of a great tradition.  They are robust and high quality wines.

Mercurey Les Caudroyes 
A fresher vine overlooking the village.  These wines are more mineral-tasting, delicate and elegant.

Bourgogne Pinot Noir Côte Châlonnaise (Pech Latt)
This is our best expression of the Pinot Noir cépage.  The vines are high up and subjected to a harsh climate.  Their yield is perfectly controlled.  Philippe Mathias is the estate Manager of the Château Pech Latt in the Corbières area.

Chateau Pech Latt Corbières
This is without a doubt the most beautiful terroir of the Corbières region, with its preserved valley and authentic terroir.  The wine in 100% organic and wins awards on a very regular basis.