Chateau Roc de Calon

Montagne St Émilion Set in 55 acres in the heart of AOC Montagne Saint Émilion Contrôlée, the Château Roc de Calon nestles on the west slope of the Calon Hill, and is a must for wine lovers and connoisseurs. A pharmaceutical graduate, Bernard Laydis, and his wife Sylvie, took over the family owned estate in 1988, therby continuing a tradition which began in 1922.  Their hope is to share with their guest their own passion for the wine and the lifestyle of a French château, whether at a professional wine show on the estate or simply as an amateur of wine, everyone is welcomed as a friend. Bernard Laydis, a former chairman of the Syndicate des vins de St Émilion, focuses on each step of the vineyard cycle, and is convinced that to create a refined wine, one needs not only time and expertise but respect and patience.  The wine of the Merlot grape (75%), cabernet franc (20%), and cabernet sauvignon (5%) planted some 35 years ago, produce a delightful and full bodied wine with a lot of fruit.  His velvety Cuvée Prestige, which is produced with a selection of his oldest wines, is oak aged for 18 months. The vineyards are mostly in a single block, and machine picked.  Although the regular wines is unoaked, about a third of the crop is used for the Cuvée Prestige, made from the oldest vines and aged in one-third new oak. Château Roc de Calon has been widely praised by many wine writers, wine competitions and awarded numerous medals and prizes.