Chateau Petit Moulin

In 1969 Alain Signé, the 16th generation of the family, began to develop the family farm. With his wife Marie-Jose they grew the vineyard and began to sell bottled wine.

In 1998, Alain and Marie-José asked their children Valérie and Fred to come join them. Valérie began to market the wines for export and Frédéric became the head of winemaking. The family then bought a new vineyard Chateau de Los.

In 2010, the vineyards produced 500,000 bottles of wine from 70 hectares of vines, exporting 90% of their production in

  • AOC Red Bordeaux
  • AOC White Bordeaux
  • AOC Bordeaux Rosé
  • AOC Bordeaux Supérieur

Valérie and Frédéric hope their children will resume responsibilities at Chateau Petit Moulin to perpetuate the family tradition, which in 2013 is celebrating its 300-year history.