Alain Forest

The vines have belonged to our families for several generations and we are the fourth generation of wine growers. Our familial domain is composed of 4.5 hectares of BEAUJOLAIS VILLAGES, distributed in commune Lantignie, Quincie en Beaujolais, and Beaujeu (the historical capital of the Beaujolais region). The property is situated in commune Lantignie on slope of the Coteau of Appagnie, oriented South-East. The wines are made of gamay noir, with white juice. The average age of our vineyard is 40 years but we have vines of 100 years too.  The grapes are picked manually by seasonal workers (students), friends and our children during six days. It is a very arduous work. The vinification is made traditionally with respect of the appellation. But we have been progressing in the use of temperature control. This technique allows us to retain the distinctive flavours and aromas from each of our terroir, in particularly for our Beaujolais Villages Nouveau. The wines are bottled after light filtration in the spring accordingly with the tradition.  Respectful of the environment we have been using an integrated winegrowing technique since 1998. This method requires a great deal of checking and observation. It means that we avoid using systematic treatments that are sometimes pointless.